December 5th, 2020

Closing for January & February

Interesting times, eh?

Over the course of the pandemic we have learned a lot.

At Café Belong we have changed some things and, at the same time, we have made a clear decision, no matter what the pressures, to not change some things.

We have refit our operations and team with PPE, of course, and we’ve also updated our technology to make it easier to find us, know what we do, and get some of it where ever you happen to be.

We are now experts in propane and propane products.*
And we’re a smaller, tighter, and more appreciative team.

What we will never change is our ingredient sourcing, the fact that we make everything in house fresh from scratch, and that we function through the seasons in rhythm with our farmers, artisans, and tradespeople to best service our guests and showcase the bounty of Ontario.

Because of this, and in order to survive today to fight again another day, we have made a very difficult decision to close for January and February, our traditional slow time of year made utterly desolate by this pandemic. We will return in March to reboot and refresh – and carry into 2021 with hope for all of our futures.

Please stay Safe and Healthy!
Please enjoy the beautiful Canadian outdoors this winter!
Please be kind to each other!
Please know that we’ll miss y’all but we’ll see you very soon!

Brad Long

*trying to figure out how to defeat winter with a little shout out to Hank Hill